The Styled Man Box: Review

A company called 'The Styled Man Box' sent me their product to review. It's a Boston based company that sends you a monthly package of the latest styles in men's accessories. What's really cool is that a lot of these accessories are from newer brands and its as low as $33.99 a month for a box of 6 accessories. They also have a yearly subscription for $339.99.

Here's what came in my box: 

Pocket Square- H&M
Ankle Socks- Funky Socks 
Flower Lapel Pin- No Brand 
Green Shoe Laces- No Brand 
Striped Bow tie- Donald Trump 
Travel Lotion- Aesop

I really liked all the pieces that came in my box. I personally would have liked for the bow tie to match with the rest of the items but it didn't bother me that much. I had never heard of the brand Aesop, who made the lotion, but it smells amazing. I love the green laces because I'm really into different color laces. It adds that extra pop to an outfit. The socks are cool for around the house but to wear them with low cut shoes, they show a little too much for me. They are super comfortable though! Below are a few pictures of how I would wear these pieces: 

Chino Blazer: J.Crew
Denim Tie: Diesel 
White Shirt: Diesel
Tie Bar: Nordstrom Brand

Suit Jacket: H&M
White Shirt: Diesel 

Jeans: Diesel 
Shoes: Nordstrom Brand 

Overall I like the idea of this company and would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes fun accessories to upgrade their outfits. Also the price is great for all that you're getting. 

Thanks for reading, please go check them out at www.thestyledmanbox.com and get your box today! 

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