New Year New You with V8 +HYDRATE®

This post is sponsored by V8®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I’m sure, like a lot of people, you were just making a New Year resolutions list a few weeks ago. Well you should definitely add staying hydrated to that list and you can do that with the new V8 +HYDRATE® hydration beverage.

Being that I have a full time job and I do the whole blogger/influencer thing I’m always on the go. Going straight from work to events and doing photo shoots on the weekend I forget to stay hydrated and then find myself being very thirsty at the end of the day. Which is something I definitely need to work on in 2019! That’s where V8 +HYDRATE comes in. They offer superior hydration with an isotonic blend of natural electrolytes from sweet potato and hints of fruit for a great tasting beverage that rehydrates you quickly. I found they’re 8oz, 45 calorie cans are great to keep in my bag for when I’m going place to place and drinking one while waiting on my ride or posting on my social media.

V8 +HYDRATE beverages comes in 3 delicious flavors, Strawberry Cucumber, Coconut Watermelon and Orange Grapefruit. My personal favorite is the Strawberry Cucumber. The taste is very clean and crisp and they have no artificial flavors, added sugars, or gluten! I think that this such a better alternative to rehydrate throughout the day than a sugary drink or soda.

So if you haven’t already, get started on those New Year’s resolutions and make sure staying hydrated with V8 +HYDRATE is on the top of the list. I know it’s on mine! To learn more about V8 +HYDRATE click HERE.

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