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This post is sponsored by Glenlivet but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

When you think about who drinks whisky, I’m sure you see a group of wealthy older white men sitting around in suits talking business, drinking. Well I’m excited to be working with The Glenlivet to help break that stereotype, and show that there are all spectrums of people, from race, gender and age that enjoy a glass of whisky from time to time. I personally love getting together with friends and having a glass of The Glenlivet 12 year old aged whisky.

 Recently a friend and I were discussing some of the brand deals I’ve had this year which led to talking about minority influencers on Instagram. Whenever I’m doing a brand deal there’s usually a specific hashtag to go with the campaign. I always like to search the hashtag just to see what other bloggers were apart of the campaign and I have to say that a lot of times either I’m the only black person or one of very few minorities. Don’t get me wrong, there are some popular minority influencers but the ratio to popular white influencers is very low. Even when I first started it was very hard to find top influencers that looked like me to follow. A lot of my black female friends that are always telling me that they have the same problem when looking for stylish black girls to follow, and even when they do they are not on the level that a lot of the non-black influencers are and probably should be.

 A lack of diversity in the influencer community is something I’ve been more keen to as my own blogging career has grown. I’ve realized that there definitely needs to be a more diverse look in influencer marketing. I remember last year a brand reposted my photo on their Instagram and I scrolled through their feed and saw I had been the only non-white person posted on there in almost a year! Which is something I’ve gotten used to having grown up in suburbs.  Recently there also was a top magazine that compiled a list of ‘marketing influencers to watch’ and the list was majority white males. In 2018, that’s not ok.

 I think it starts with the marketing companies at these brands trying harder to find a more diverse group of influencers to front these campaigns. That’s why I’m glad to have partnered with The Glenlivet to be able break the stereotype of who drinks whisky. I’m always grateful that I get these great opportunities to showcase my personal style with top brands to break barriers within the influencer community.

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