January Favorites

Hey Guys! Today I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite items from the past month. Enjoy checking them out below:

So one of my favorite presents from Christmas was the space grey Apple Watch Sport. I had been thinking about buying one myself for what seems like half of last year. So Christmas came and I had started a new job a few months prior and thought it might actually come in handy. My parents were gracious enough to buy it for me and now I can't live without it (ok maybe i can). I have to be on my phone a lot at work, but also my hands are busy so being able to not have to stop what I'm doing to pull out my phone every five seconds is a bonus. Click here to check it out.

Although I have perfect vision and don't need glasses for some reason I have always liked wearing glasses on occasion. Ask me and I couldn't tell you why. I have a few pairs already but wanted to try something a little different I picked up these aviator style ones from ASOS and haven't stopped wearing them since I got them. They add that extra something to my outfit and gives you that vintage vibe which I love. These are sold out on the ASOS website but you can get a similar pair here from Urban Outfitters. 

If you know me you know I'm obsessed with the Saint Laurent style of dressing. I love their boots but didn't know if I really wanted to pay $1000 for a pair of shoes. I was consonantly searching for a pair that was similar in style and color and I finally found them! ASOS sells these boots from House of Hounds and to my surprise were on sale. They are the perfect alternative to the Saint Laurent wyatt chelsea boot and are actually very comfortable, even with the 1.5 inch heel. I have worn them for over 8 hours of being on my feet and was totally fine. Check out this pair and more here!

You would not believe how hard it is find a black and white stripped t-shirt that fits great. Once again ASOS came through! I had been on the hunt for this tee for a while. I bought one from H&M a while back but the quality wasn't the best which is why I done usually shop there. But this one fits great and is made of a thick material. I'm a thinner guy so finding a t-shirt that actually hugs my arms and doesn't flop in the wind was a miracle (remember fit is always key). This will definitely be a go to for me this spring. Get one here

Thanks for reading :-)

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