Hitting The Beach in Opposuits

Living in Miami, I'm always getting invited to rooftop parties or fashion events by the pool and even I sometimes have a difficult time figuring out what to wear to look stylish or more dressed up, while not layering too much (which I love to do) and ending up a sweaty mess. I love to stand out at any party or event I go to and what better way to do that than with this bright red suit from Opposuits! They offer tons of suits in fun prints and great colored solid suits at a great price point!

I was invited to a friends birthday party at the beach and I wanted  to wear something a little more dressier than a shirt and swim trunks. So I teamed up with Opposuits to show you a suit that can be worn to your next summer event. I chose their 'Red Devil' suit which I paired with a t-shirt and white low top sneakers. It was the perfect look for the occasion and I definitely received a lot of  'omg where did  you get that suit' comments! 

My favorite part about this suit is the fact that it comes with shorts and that the blazer has short sleeves. Each suit also comes with a matching tie for those you really want to show out! Its obviously perfect for any summer event and for me in Miami is able to be worn year round. Which is ideal because I can break it up and wear the blazer and shorts separately with other pieces in my closet for different looks. Wearing a suit doesn't have to 'stuffy' or always in black, gray or navy 

I had such a great time at the birthday and I felt so festive in my red suit! Check out OppoSuits for more fun patterns like palm trees and flamingos!

Thanks so much for Reading!

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